NWPE - Nagios Web Plugin Executor

Here's some of the raw code that I've worked on for this project. The "flow of execution" is as follows:
  1. Nagios invokes "nwpe" client binary (compile from nwpe.c) to do a service check like so:
    nwpe -U -a "args=-H -p /usr -w 20% -c 10%";
  2. The nwpe webserver invokes the "check_remote_disk" script as a CGI
  3. "check_remote_disk" loads to take care of the CGI part and emulate command-line style syntax.
  4. returns exit values, etc. via custom HTTP headers
  5. The "nwpe" client binary returns the values to Nagios
You'll need OpenSSL and curl to compile nwpe. 7.10.6-pre2 is the minimum version for curl.

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.htaccess2004-Sep-21 12:40:511.2Ktext/plain
Makefile2004-Sep-17 11:50:181.1Ktext/plain
NWPE.pm2004-Sep-17 11:47:502.9Ktext/plain
check_pix_conn2004-Sep-22 11:36:135.1Ktext/plain
check_pix_cpu2004-Sep-22 11:36:215.4Ktext/plain
check_pix_memory2004-Sep-22 11:36:345.4Ktext/plain
check_remote_cpu2004-Sep-22 11:36:395.6Ktext/plain
check_remote_disk2004-Sep-22 11:36:457.1Ktext/plain
check_remote_interfaces2004-Sep-22 11:36:495.7Ktext/plain
check_remote_interfaces.rrd-nocgi2004-Sep-22 11:37:0212.3Ktext/plain
check_remote_load2004-Sep-22 11:37:095.7Ktext/plain
check_remote_memory2004-Sep-22 11:37:177.6Ktext/plain
check_remote_metadevices2004-Sep-22 11:37:244.5Ktext/plain
check_remote_proc2004-Sep-22 11:37:285.8Ktext/plain
check_remote_snmpagent2004-Sep-22 11:37:374.3Ktext/plain
gpl-blurb.txt2004-Sep-21 12:22:160.7Ktext/plain
gpl.txt2004-Sep-17 11:31:3217.6Ktext/plain
nwpe.c2004-Sep-17 11:49:435.7Ktext/plain