By Anthony Tonns

This is where I've posted all the geeky stuff I've done and/or am going to do. Most of it is computer stuff, but there's a splash of other hobbies too.

Current Stuff:
  • tony's geek stuff - the blog more like a documentation diary for my home computer projects. don't expect juicy gossip, my political opinions or what i ate for breakfast.

Old Stuff:

NOTE: The dust has settled on these projects. It's been a long time since I've done anything with them. Read the blog instead

  • NWPE - Nagios Web Plugin Executor. Like NRPE, just using standard HTTP to execute perl-based service checks

  • RTG CGIs - some CGI tools that work with RTG to browse/report/graph the data you've collected about your network

  • Digital Picture Processing - A collection of perl scripts that use ImageMagick to make digital pictures more accessible

  • PlayStation 2 Linux - some personal projects to port/install software on the PS2 Linux Kit

  • Jumpstart - How to create a fully automated, fully customized JumpStart Server
    NOTE: it seems that all the links in this document that point to are now broken. One day I'll figure out how/why Sun changes thier site every-other-week and fix it.

  • ptree - Pretty print the process tree in Linux or OpenBSD (not just Solaris)

  • - how to gracefully and cleanly rotate apache logs

  • - along the same vein - how to gracefully and cleanly rotate proftpd logs

  • Solaris Setup - Basic Solaris 2.6 Setup Standard
    NOTE: This is a little old (version #'s, etc.), but many of the concepts are still valid

  • Sun Serial Connectors - How to hook you Sparc's console to a Portmaster

  • ssh documentation - how to setup .shosts, and port forwarding for Squid and pcANYWHERE with ssh v1

  • - break your log file in common log format into more edible chunks

  • openssl scripts - Elik's Instant Certificate Authority (or how to create a CA with OpenSSL and not break the bank)

Personal Stuff:

  • GroundZero - A dedication to the men and women at the World Trade Center
    (A site I've created as a personal dedication to our modern heros)

Fun Stuff:

External Links to (Old) Useful Stuff:

NOTE: More dust here - check out my bookmarks instead.

  • RIP Linux - Recovery Is Possible Linux rescue system

  • - dynamically generates Etherboot ROM images

  • pca - Patch Check Advanced

  • memconf - a perl script that displays memory modules installed in a Sun system

  • metachk - check the sanity and health of RAID storage configurations built with DiskSuite under Solaris

  • SuperRescue - it's a bird! it's a plane! it's a single very large bootable system-on-a-disk!

  • Phil's Solaris hints - various useful Solaris hints at

  • HOW TO: Add Non-CDE Window Managers to CDE's Dtlogin

  • Adding new window managers to the CDE Login Menu

  • Google SiteSearch

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