Sun Serial Connectors

The authoritative site for everything UNIX and Serial Port related:

Stokley Consulting - Unix Serial Port Resources.
Of course they have a page dedicated to Sun Serial Port & Cable Pinouts

My hack to make it work:

I had a hell of a time finding the right DB25 to RJ45 connector to attach to my Sparc servers to connect them to my PortMaster.

Finally, by trial, error and little luck, I found the right pinout:

Serial Connectors

M - Modem(Sparc end)            T - Terminal(Portmaster end)

pin     color                   pin     color
2       yellow                  2       black
3       black                   3       yellow
4       white                   4       blue
5       blue                    5       white
6                               6       brown
7       green                   7       green
8       orange                  8       
20      brown                   20      orange

I deduced this information from the Cisco website and some background information on the RS232 serial interface.

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