100 hits and OpenWrt updates

I recently got my 100th hit on WheresGeorge.com. I'm an ubergeek for sticking with it, but hey - it's addictive.

I've also made progress on my OpenWrt install. Thanks to mbm's awesome switch/interface diagram, I've gotten all my VLANs setup and thrown my WRTSL54GS live with WhiteRussian 0.9. I've got my old WRT54G 2.2 mostly setup as well to be the switch/repeater in the other room, but I want to test my iptables rules that prevent the wifi network from accessing the local lan, except if you're using OpenVPN. The only reason for the trepidation is that they changed to iptables from a simple "-i $WAN" setup of setting the interface to a "-A prerouting_wan" chain and I want to be sure I don't foul it up.

P.S. I didn't end up using the flash memory card on my WRTSL54GS. I had to give the flash reader to my in-laws for their digital camera. Maybe one day I'll resurrect that end of the project for more storage there.

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got another hit yesterday

my where's george bill hit rate is still low compared to others (right now, around 5%), but the comment on this bill is interesting: One Dollar Bill, Serial# B4196---9A Series: 2003A

other significant hits i've gotten:
first cross-coast hit
first international hit
first hit in 'the south'

where's george is an interesting experiment on circulation of currency (read: a strange hobby). it's not like "big brother" is going to be tracking my every cash expense now, as bills trade hands dozens of times before people enter it into wheresgeorge.com.